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Resistive Load Bank

Resistive Load Bank

Resistive Load Bank is a reliable solution designed to provide uniform loading capacity for a machine and its engine too. It ensures the optimum working of the machine and its engine. So, if you are Looking for Transformer Manufacturers in India, contact Trutech Products – one of the reputed Resistive Load Bank Manufacturers in Pune. We have a comprehensive product range available for our customers to choose from.

Offered High Power Resistive Load Bank is available in different configurations:

  • Resistive Load Bank (R bank)
  • Inductive Load Bank (L bank)
  • Resistive Inductive Load Bank ( RL bank)
  • Resistive Inductive Capacitive Load Bank (RLC bank)

Its values are designed as per KW/Amp rating defined by the customers.

Reasons To Opt For Resistive Load Banks:

  • Applies the same amount of load to the machine and engine
  • Removes the equal amount of energy from a complete operating system
  • Known for their durable and reliable performance
  • Used for testing and loading purposes
  • Available in diverse specifications

Products Data:


230V / 415V


1 Kw t0 100 Kw


Loading and Testing


50 Hz / 60 Hz


1 Amp to 100 Amp


40 deg C

Dielectric Strength

2 KV

IP Grade




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Noted among the best Variable Resistive Load Banks Exporters and Suppliers in India, we offer Inductive Resistive Load Banks, as per the distinct demands of the customers. Call or drop your demands via the website enquiry form.

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