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DC Chokes

While most of the DC Chokes Manufacturers in Pune are trying their best to reach the acme of success, Trutech Products has already carved its niche at the top. If you are looking for a reliable pair of DC Chokes, you can get it from us at the most considerable rate. Our products are CE Certified and go through several test parameters before getting delivered.

Uses Of DC Chokes

DC chokes refers to Direct Current Chokes and is available in different types such as DC Drive Chokes, Electric DC Chokes and DC Line Choke. Their main role is to be used on the output side of rectifiers & controllers for resisting sudden change in current. Also, they are useful for the purpose of decreasing the ripple current of the rectified DC output and protecting the devices from the high starting current.

Ping Us Your Requirements

We are happy to serve our customers and believe that the more the merrier, whether in terms of clients, products served, years of experience or compliments received. If you have the need of AC/DC Chokes, you can get it from one of the reputed DC Drive Chokes Exporters and Suppliers In India; like us. Just give us a call and we will provide all the information needed.

What Are The Benefits Of DC Chokes?

DC Chokes loaded with many features that add to its overall functionalities. If you are unaware of all their advantages, look at the points mentioned below.

  • Less expensive as compared to AC line reactor.
  • Help mitigate the adverse effects of voltage disturbances.
  • Prevent conditions like voltage sags or voltage dips.
  • Increase the performance, reliability and life of a VFD.
  • Available in different volt capacities and ratings.
Where Can You Buy DC Chokes In India?

Being one of the noteworthy DC Chokes Manufacturers in Malaysia, Rajasthan, Bangalore, Algeria, and Bahrain, we are from where you can find the best solutions for your electrical equipment. Each unit is designed, manufactured and customized at our facility using high-grade components and advanced technology to ensure better working.

Trutech Products, being the best and prominent Transformer Manufacturers In India, So, you should make a purchase now. To solve out any of your queries, straight in touch with us.

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